Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About This Kings Daughter!

Hi All!

Well, This is my first post over here at The Kings Daughter!

I do a majority of my blogging over at Dance and Dream 4 Ever!

Please feel free to stop by there and say Hi!
 If you are over from that blog thank you so much for stopping over and leaving some love!

I decided I wanted to start this blog for several reasons!

1. Over at Dance and Dream I talk about Jesus, but its also an everything blog as well! I wanted something that was just about things the Lord was teaching me, articles I am writing, my devotions, and such like that!
2. Another reason why I wanted to start this is I LOVE writing Christian articles for girls, I just never can stick with it! I think this blog will help me!

I will close for now!



Meghan said...

Love your new blog idea, good job!

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