Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Will You Live?

Happy Tuesday!

I know not many, if any, people read this blog. I hope maybe someday that will change! For now, this blog is for me!

I was pondering on something this morning and I thought I would write, Err, type it down!

I know for myself I have been raised in an amazing home! My parents have taken me to church all my life, they have taught me so many amazing things! They have helped to instill values in my life for eternity!
I was think of how as we grow up, we choose what of those values we will keep, and what we will just throw out.
We have that right, God has give us that right, to choose what we will take from our parents!
I'll tell you what saddens me the most, is when I see young people, that have so much going for them,have been raised so well, and yet they choose to throw it all away!
I was looking on youtube today, a singer who I really like. They were raised in a Christian home, taught great values, and growing up and still being popular in the music industy still kept his life right! Now, grown up and moving the way of the world, the new music video out today saddend me. A "Christian" young man, has so much going for him! Could reach millions for Jesus. How sad.
How will you Live?


Monday, August 15, 2011

What A Mighty God We Serve!

Today was a powerfull and amazing day for me dear friends!

It started out as any other Monday, not so great! I complained about this, drank my coffee, complained about that. I was working through my Monday like I do any other Monday.

Since this blog is not private or anything I really cant give you all the details BUT, it was amazing to watch God take something that came up on us like BAM, use each of us in the office to rally around, and to see Him Bless! And the fun part is, were not even done watching Him bless us! We prayed over the situation and we asked for so much! I know He is going to give us many blessings here in the coming weeks! I cant wait to share them with you all!

Sunday's are my Fast and Prayer day's with my dear friend Haley from Texas! This Sunday we were talking about praying and prayers list and all. I got to the topic of how allot of people would most likely think my prayer list to be weird and all! After that talk I felt I really wanted to share a burden on my heart with Y'all, and that has something to do with my prayer list!
On my prayer list I pray for Celebrities! Yes, weird right? Well, I have felt from the Lord that I am to do this! I have people down like Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher and more like that, those that I am not sure are saved! I also have Christian music artist, and music artist that are Christians, but don't sing in that circle, like the Jonas Brothers!
My challenge to you is, do you pray for them? If we all as Christians just leave them out then who is going to pray for them? They need prayer almost more then we do!
Today is Joe Jonas's 22nd Birthday. When I tweeted him a Happy Birthday along with millions of other people I said " Happy Birthday Joe! I pray the Lord Bless's you abundantly this year! May you hear His voice in your life!"     Very different then most the Birthday messages, but my way of ministering, even if he never reads it!

Until next time dear friends! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Showing Me Life!

Every morning when I open my email my eyes scan for one. One from Klove, there Encourging Word for the day! They always have such uplifting messages! Today's just hit me like a ton of bricks!

"You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever."
- Psalms 116:11 -

So often I complain about the place I am in. Maybe its my job, or no friends, or being single when all my friends and my little sister are getting married. I sit there and dont even see the blessings in it!
But this verse is telling me that He has a plan! He is granting me the joy of His presence even in this not so fun time! I am willing to not even notice this and complain about the place I am in, and all He is trying to do is give me everything!
How selfish of me to ignore Him like that! And to complain like that!
So, this is me, going to live with JOY because I am in His presence and can live FOREVER with  Him someday!
Who will join me?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About This Kings Daughter!

Hi All!

Well, This is my first post over here at The Kings Daughter!

I do a majority of my blogging over at Dance and Dream 4 Ever!

Please feel free to stop by there and say Hi!
 If you are over from that blog thank you so much for stopping over and leaving some love!

I decided I wanted to start this blog for several reasons!

1. Over at Dance and Dream I talk about Jesus, but its also an everything blog as well! I wanted something that was just about things the Lord was teaching me, articles I am writing, my devotions, and such like that!
2. Another reason why I wanted to start this is I LOVE writing Christian articles for girls, I just never can stick with it! I think this blog will help me!

I will close for now!