Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Tebow

There has been TONS of talk about Tim Tebow. But most of it has been ether girls all over him cause of how he looks and that he is popular and blah blah blah. Or they swing to the other side and talk about him to cut his playing down, or mock his faith! 
Me, Im convicted by him. If I were in his shoes would I have the guts to stand up for Jesus like he does? Many football players are Christians. And many of them do praise the Lord on the field. I am a major Pittsburgh Steelers fan and Troy is a very strong Christian, but I have never seen him praise Jesus like Tim has.
If some of you dont follow football and dont now what I am talking about let me explain a little. Whenever Tim has an interview the first things he allways says is " First of all I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!"
Wow! If that is not power than what is!

There has been allot of talk about him on facebook, and even around Christians they cant agree on him! Some say he is wrong in all the "proclaiming of Jesus" that he does! They point it back to the scriptures about the people in the temple just for the show. The difference in them and Tim Tebow, you can see how humble he is in what he does!
I see allot of Tim Tebow haters too. Some are my friends, some are not. I see them hating him cause he is doing well, I see them hating him cause of his faith, and so much more.
After the game last night, I posted on my facebook " What would you rather have, a Super Bowl ring on your finger, or be know for loving Jesus with ever fiber of your being? I would go with the last one, so in my oppion Tim Tebow is a winner!" And I stand by that statment!

So you want to now who I look up to right now? Yes, Its Tim Tebow! And I am praying for him daily!


CecFire said...

Hey Joanna! I appreciate your perspective on this - I, too, am getting tired of hearing Christians cut Tebow down just because he is popular. I can't imagine dealing with the pressure of his job (until yesterday, anyway) AND the number of Facebook haters that have accumulated around him.

I would add a little warning to the outright enthusiasm over him, though - we don't know his heart. I think a lot of people who are celebrating him are going a little over-the-top, and I'm afraid of what will happen if we treat him like Moses and he turns out to be a normal person. There was a lot of ridiculous Christian press about God being on Tebow's side, as if there was some magic number of times that one should pray in order to win a playoff game.

All this is to say... as much as I respect the man, I hope that Christians don't ditch him now that he's lost, and that they won't turn their backs on him like they did on Ben when he messed up. I respect him for being on God's side, not vice versa.

And hey, wouldn't it be cool if these football enthusiast Christians would love on every Christian they meet instead of just the famous ones?

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