Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Will You Live?

Happy Tuesday!

I know not many, if any, people read this blog. I hope maybe someday that will change! For now, this blog is for me!

I was pondering on something this morning and I thought I would write, Err, type it down!

I know for myself I have been raised in an amazing home! My parents have taken me to church all my life, they have taught me so many amazing things! They have helped to instill values in my life for eternity!
I was think of how as we grow up, we choose what of those values we will keep, and what we will just throw out.
We have that right, God has give us that right, to choose what we will take from our parents!
I'll tell you what saddens me the most, is when I see young people, that have so much going for them,have been raised so well, and yet they choose to throw it all away!
I was looking on youtube today, a singer who I really like. They were raised in a Christian home, taught great values, and growing up and still being popular in the music industy still kept his life right! Now, grown up and moving the way of the world, the new music video out today saddend me. A "Christian" young man, has so much going for him! Could reach millions for Jesus. How sad.
How will you Live?



mmbear said...

Following your blog thru GFC. New follower that was recommended to me from your blog designer! Welcome to blogging and in a few months if you follow the blog hops you will do great! I started in February of this year and already have over 1,300 people following me. And I did not join every blog hop every week. It was hit and miss with me. Just keep plugging away and you will get there. Would love a follow back on GFC when you get the chance. Thanks and have a great week!


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